my name is jenna and i am from bentonville, arkansas studying journalism and textile and apparel at the university of missouri!  my favorite food is eggs and i love making people laugh.  spontaneous adventures are awesome and i aim to seek happiness in anything and everything i do.  i have a growing passion for writing about my life, my thoughts, and my ideas.  i cherish friendship and family more than anything.

at the beginning, my blog revolved around lifestyle and my thoughts starting out in college.  it was a way for me to let my thoughts run free and it was a huge eye-opener for me starting as a freshman in college.  as i continued to write, it was a constant reminder of what i am thankful for and how i have grown as a person, which is so incredible to see.

now, i am transitioning into more of a fashion/lifestyle research blog.  being the indecisive person i am, it took me a while to get the hang of the whole “blog” idea, and finding inspirations and ideas for posts would often bring me to a dead end.  partly because i didn’t have a clear idea going into this project… so my thoughts always seemed a bit scattered.  also, it’s kind of tough to get the hang of sharing your thoughts with whoever else reads it.  it’s definitely been a process, but i have became much more comfortable and eager to write, which is very cool to think about!

i have always paid so much attention to others and their thoughts and how they felt- whether that be in fashion, on social media, or just the kind of person they are.  analyzing trends and the reasons people or businesses do the things they do kind of excites me (weird, i know), and i have never really had a reason to put much effort into that hidden hobby of mine…simply because i never knew what to do with it!

well, here i am making the shift for this little blog thing of mine!  my posts will alter into more research-based about a multitude of things that catch my attention.  apparel, style, activities, etc.  this is somewhat of repeat of how this blog began in the first place, just going with the flow… but i have a solid “genre” of where i’m wanting to go with this, and i’m pretty pumped about it too!

so, enjoy!  i can’t wait to see what will stem from this.

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