A day about… women?

This morning when I woke up, I thought: normal Wednesday. I got out of bed, got dressed, made breakfast, all thinking… normal Wednesday. Went to class, ate lunch, went to class again… still, just a normal Wednesday.

Little did I know, it’s a day where women are given the credit they deserve.  A time where they are thanked for their achievements, noticed for their hardships, appreciated for who they are. Who doesn’t love a little shoutout every now and then?

I am a social person. I appreciate a genuine conversation and learning more about other people, like what makes them smile and what makes them tick. I appreciate the people that make me laugh, the people that motivate me to think, and the people that influence me to learn. However, there are conversations that I tend to refrain from. One of those being any topic regarding… well, women.

Girls… can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Women are emotional, beautiful, dramatic, ridiculously odd… but incredibly powerful. All in all, females are weird. But, the capabilities that women have are endless. However, it’s a topic that brings me defeat, honestly. I’m in a history course right now, and I’m learning about how the subordination of women has been happening for way longer than I can wrap my mind around. It makes sense, right? No wonder people have these immediate responses towards women being, well… just a girl. It’s how our culture has pertained women to be for such a long time.

If I wanted to take the easy route on this one, I’d continue on with the excuse that it makes sense why women are given the short end of the stick. It’s just how we are raised, you know?

The campaign this year for International Women’s Day is #BeBoldForChange. Think about that… bold. In my mind, it’s a fear of mine to be bold. Being bold is taking the road less traveled (what’s up, Robert Frost), being the person that takes action when you might be the only one taking that action.

I googled the definition of bold, and this was one of my favorite ones that came up- beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action; imaginative. 

How many times do you find yourself thinking in that conventional thought? Acting in that standard, normal way?  Trust me, I am a girl in college living with 60 other girls in the same house (oh, the beauty of a sorority!). In this situation, it is oh so hard to be my own. To have an opinion that I may only have. To be bold.

It’s something that we all are intimidated by… the thought of being disagreed with. Being frowned upon. Being questioned. What’s the easier option? Immediately agreeing with someone else because that avoids the confrontation, the tough-to-answer questions, the situations that are hard to face because they challenge a thought that we wanted to believe was right thing to think.

This hashtag, though. Be bold for change. The definition of change is the act or instance of making or becoming different. So, combine those two.

Go beyond the usual limits of conventional thought or action…. to make or become something different.

That’s the mission. Who says that because of the society during the Depression when men were given the “first dibs” on the few jobs in the workplace because women had to be “protected” and their main role was staying in the home…. that still applies today? In order to step away from that persona, and step towards a society of equality within everyone… you must not only motivate change, but be bold while doing so.

Lululemon nailed it when they posted this awesome excerpt on their Instagram story today, and it inspired me to even write this post in the first place.

FullSizeRender 12

While I read this, I finished it thinking how I must have missed something because it seemed too simple, too easy to understand. Women’s rights are intimidating to me. And that statement right there is where I fall short when I am faced with something that is so big and powerful… I make it out to be something that I don’t have the ability to fully understand. I imagine this idea that is complex and impossible for me to grasp, so I automatically assume I do not have to power to change it. In this case, it is what women stand for. The role women have. The image women are given because of stereotypical judgements.

Today might have been a normal Wednesday with a normal Wednesday routine. However, something special about this normal Wednesday was mindlessly pausing to take one minute out of my day to read this message that spoke volumes.

It doesn’t have to be this complex competition between the more knowledgable, the more opinionated, or the more powerful. Contrarily, the power lies within the simplistic logic and the comprehensive clarity. Understanding the root of a movement is the first step in understanding the stems that grow from it.

The strength in this day derives from admiring each and every achievement. Motivating the growth in self-esteem and self-love. Honoring one another and giving others support they may have never received before. Congratulating each other for having strength that might have seemed impossible to have.

International Women’s Day is a day where, no matter what gender or religion or race or age or ethnicity, we are given the opportunity to value each other for who we are… and what we have the potential to achieve in the future.

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