Chilly Weather Trends

This week is the first week that the weather has been below 80 degrees, so why not pull out our knee-length, puffy winter jackets, blanket scarves, and snow boots because it’s officially winter?!  In honor of the first weekend of October, the trends that I’ve been seeing with this new crisp-air weather are cool (no pun intended) to see coming into stores.

But really, the boldness in these articles of clothing are awesome to see.  Whether I’m spending an unnecessary time walking around at the boutiques downtown, scrolling through my daily favorite clothing websites, or seeing the millions of fashion bloggers I follow on Instagram- I have seen so many of these being worn!  I could only imagine the stares I would get walking through Mizzou’s campus to my 9 a.m. wearing pink velvet sneakers… but hey, it will happen at some point, just watch.

Something that I have seen more and more are the raw hemlines in denim.  Basically, take a pair of jeans and scissors and go to town cutting.  Actually, don’t do that.  But pay attention to different jeans that you see and how the hem on the leg is cut, because this new exposed cut is making it’s way into many staple styles.  Some hens are simply cut, showing a much more cleaner cut.  My personal favorite is the extended raw hem, showing distress and a great deal of fray.  Here’s two styles that I love (and both under $100, score).

Another 90’s trend coming back stronger than ever… velvet.  So many casual, staple pieces are featuring velvet this fall which is new to see.  Tennis shoes, embossed rompers, ankle boots, even casual t-shirts.

When I studied abroad in London last year, the street-fashion was so apparent.  Just walking around was one of my favorite activities of the trip, simply because I got to see regular girls and guys wearing their version of trendy clothes.  What was so interesting about this is that they were wearing trends that were hitting London almost a year before they even make it to America.  I made the impulse purchase of buying light blue velvet ankle boots at Zara in London… honestly, because I was entitled to dress like a real London-er since I was spending my time abroad there.  They’re pictured above this post!  Have I worn them yet?  No… but are they pretty to look at?  Of course.  But thinking back on how London, one of the fashion capitals of the world, already has seen the velvet trend during winter is awesome.  My goal is to bring the pair out at some point this season: whether it be a dinner with friends or a day downtown, they’re a great way to make the typical pair of jeans look a little nicer.   Having that mix of casual vs. nice elements is convenient to go from day-to-night in the outfit you’re wearing.

One of the last styles that is making a huge impact as the weather gets a bit more chilly are bomber jackets.  Bomber jackets made with satin material, embroidery detail, or intricate patterns are effortless ways to add warmth and style to your outfit.  They give a sport/varsity letterman jacket look, but still have a touch of femininity.  They’re also light, which is perfect for the days when you need a jacket for the mornings.  These jackets were a major trend in the 90’s, but they have made their way back into stores and our closets now with a twist in pattern, material, and color.

It’s easy to think that it’s tough to incorporate these trends in typical college-wear because let’s face it, wearing anything but leggings is a struggle.  But simple things like the Free People velvet tee or a solid color bomber jacket, like black or army green, is still versatile enough with the go-to “leggings and t-shirt” look.  All the products I showed are also less than $100, which is another major plus to anyone trying to ball on a budget in college… because that definitely is a thing, I promise.



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