Who’s Still Running The World?

Beyoncé still runs it, if you’re wondering.  It’s been a couple weeks since the concert and I still find myself watching videos or scrolling through pictures from that night.  Does your favorite singer ever come out with a new album, and you wonder how they will ever top it… then they continue to do so with every new release.  How will she ever top Formation?  We’ll see.  But, with this post from the concert, I want to focus more on what the audience was wearing.  With the audience being majority female, it was awesome to see what the girls had worn and how they styled their outfits.

When women go shopping, the main motivator in purchasing an outfit is a specific event coming up.  This is a huge factor for girls in college who are most likely on a more strict budget with how they spend money: juggling the expenses of food, necessities, clothes, and the social aspects that come along with college.  For example, going to the movies, out to eat with your friends, bars, concerts, etc.  When we go shopping for clothes, we typically have a general goal of what we are looking for and what we are needing to wear it to.  It’s the same idea of having a grocery list before you go to the store, because if you’re hungry or don’t have a list of what you need… you most likely will end up buying more than you can eat.  Same goes with shopping for clothes.  It’s easy to get a “little” carried away when seeing the new sweaters your favorite boutique just hung up on the racks or the chokers that you swear you’ve seen everyone wearing.  So, to refrain from ending a what was supposed to be fun shopping day with thoughts of regret, uncertainty, and anxiety to tell your parents you need money because of “not so responsible” decisions you had made swiping your card…. it is smarter to wait to go shopping until you know what you need, and how you can get that.

When there’s a social event coming up, the first thought that pops into my head is “what am I going to wear?”  The worst feeling is opening your closet and seeing nothing.  (Okay, there are clothes in there, just not the right ones)  Girls put so much time, effort, and thought into their outfits because if we are having fun.. we want to look great while doing so!  There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I am an avid supporter of buying a new outfit for something that is coming up that you’re looking forward to.  It boosts your confidence and gives you the opportunity to portray your creativity and imagination.  These influences make you happier.  Why spend a night that you’ve had marked in your calendar for months feeling uncomfortable?

Obviously, a concert is something that is usually planned in advance.  Some may have to go great distances and travel to go see the performance, or plan with their friends about going to the venue, out to eat before, etc.  It’s a very thought-through event!  With the amount of planning that comes with it, comes the need for an awesome outfit of course.

Being at the Beyoncé concert surrounded by so many girls that were just as pumped to see her, the excitement was radiating.  It’s a very built-up event, and these girls want to look their best being there, which was definitely shown.  You could see the confidence in their simplest actions- taking pictures, walking around, talking to others.  A huge influence in this confidence and happiness is in what they’re wearing, so I obviously had to pay extra attention to these girls outfits.

An accessory that I saw make an appearance again is the big, statement necklaces.  Not the chunky, multicolored ones that you wore in 8th grade.  I saw layered and tiered silver necklaces paired with solid, simple black tops or dresses.  They weren’t heavy or overpowering, but still was an easy way to draw attention to the outfit as a whole. Here are some examples of what I saw-

Another outfit trend that I saw that I was a huge fan of was jumpsuits.  Jumpsuits started making a larger appearance this past spring, but they will be much more common this upcoming fall and winter with their ability to be worn in semi-colder weather.  They are comfortable to wear and you’re able to dress them up for the occasion.  I saw some awesome two-piece, cut out, deep-v, and strapless jumpsuits.  Pair them with heels and you can look incredible while not having to worry about the stressors that come along with wearing dresses.

Graphic. Shirts.  Not the Hollister Co. graphic t-shirts that are skin-tight, v-neck, and offered in 12 different colors…


The ones I saw were much more entertaining to stop and give a double take.  Because of Beyoncé’s huge variety of songs and never-ending list of killer lyrics, the ability to put an empowering quote on a shirt is surely not rare… because why not?  Paired with black skinny jeans, leather skirts, lace up heels… it was an awesome way to still actually wear a t-shirt, but still look dressed up for the night.  These are some shirts that I saw at the concert that I would 100% wear every day (all shirts are from http://www.etsy.com)-

My favorite style I saw at the concert was distressed denim.  I saw denim in vests, shorts skirts.  However, the most memorable denim piece I witnessed was this incredible pair of destroyed denim bermuda-like shorts.  I had seen them all over social media and online, but never in person, so seeing them in person was like I was seeing a celebrity (weird, I know).  They give that shorter short vibe with the comfort of a long, looser boyfriend fit.  I stumbled across this awesome pair on Riff Raff, an incredibly successful boutique from Fayetteville, Arkansas.  Another plus- they’re on sale here!


Like I had mentioned before, the outfits being worn by both Beyoncé and those at the concert was one of (million ) things I looked forward to.  What we wear gives us strength, independence, and happiness.  Similar to the idea that when girls choose what to wear… who are we trying to impress?  A compliment from a girl compared to a guy (in my opinion) holds so much more value, simply because we’ve all been there when it comes to finding an outfit to wear… so hearing a girl say they like your shoes that you may or may not have spent days hunting down because they had to be just right matters!

Our outfits and how we portray our style gives an immediate first impression to those around us.  So don’t apologize for putting a little extra thought into what you want to wear this weekend, buying a new dress for a game day (even if your dad does ask why you own so many black dresses… it’s important!), or using an event that’s coming up as a reason to maybe go to a boutique just to “look”.  These special occasions that come along are ones that you want to enjoy to the fullest potential, so you should look beautiful in what you’re wearing… you’ll feel even more beautiful when you do.

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