The Evolution Of The Jean Skirt


Trends are on a constant roller coaster of up/down/up/down.  Remember those Juicy Couture velour tracksuits?  The matching pink suit with the bedazzled Juicy emblem on the back.  Perhaps a matching detail down the side pant leg.  They were in, and you were not if you didn’t own one.  That era was very quick, but boy… was it influential.  It paved the way of girls recognizing brands and who wears what, why they choose to wear what they do, and perhaps the idea of similarity meaning acceptance.  If someone was wearing something that you also owned as well, instead it being an automatic accusation that they were copying… it was an ultimate stamp of approval.  Such a weird concept to think about, right?  Junior high will get ya like that.

But, don’t we all look back on a time of our lives where whatever was in style at that time totally consumed our lives…and question why we put so much effort into something as meaningless as those month-long trends?  Don’t worry, those trends will be back.  So before tossing those tracksuits into the consignment pile deep in the corner of your closet, you better hold on to them.


Who would have thought the outfit Kim Kardashian sports while finding herself casually laying on the hood of a white and pink Range Rover would make an appearance again?  Last month, Juicy Couture teamed up with Bloomingdale’s to release a mini designer collection featuring the infamous tracksuits being offered for both women and younger girls.  And it was an announcement that led to a huge variety of emotions… confusion?  Frightening?  Maybe even pumped?  Has my time finally come to get the chance to fit in with the velour-wearing girls in junior high that I never got to have?  We might still be recovering from the shock that Juicy tracksuits are back and (maybe) better than ever, but trends in fashion have a very odd way of making their way back into our lives, whether they’re welcome or not.

However, denim has been one of the most consistent staples in fashion.  Jacob Davis manufactured the first pair of “rivet-reinforced” denim pants in 1873, and since then ya just can’t live without that pair of jeans you automatically reach for without questioning it, just because they are that great.  Since then, denim has began being used in several other garments: shorts, jackets, tops, skirts….

The 28th Annual American Music Awards

dress…purse…suit jacket….hat… the usual!

Every girl in the early to mid 2000’s grew up sporting that denim skirt that they had pointed out to their mom at Limited Too in the mall.  Denim skirts give a sense of comfort, but still give you the ability to look somewhat presentable.  Still blue denim, but still a neutral making it a staple in anyone’s closet. Evolving in the 70’s by hippies, these skirts were being constructed from old pairs of denim jeans and replicating elements like the front fly, pockets, and belt loops from the staple pants.  The styles began as patchwork denim skirts, mainly maxi-length or mid-calf.


here’s a patchwork style that is found on free people

Obviously the style has changed since then… skirt hems rising then lowering based on a multitude of reasons, one especially being the emotional state of the society.  Back in the 1920’s, after women were nearly forbidden to wear anything higher than floor length skirts, this decade was filled with progression and a new-found freedom.  New freedom means hems rising in women’s skirts.  However, after the stock market crash in 1929, hems were once again lowered to reflect the modesty and women’s lack of risk-taking during the day and night.

Hitting early 2000’s, you best believe celebrities, singers, actresses, etc. are hitting up the red carpet rockin’ that mini denim skirt.  I hope y’all find as much entertainment in these pictures as I am.  The uggs and denim mini, with the floral appliqué and striped socks underneath the boots to top it all off.  What’s better than that?

Now, it is 2016 and the denim skirt (minus the cowgirl boots) is back.  It is becoming the newfound staple that women are on the hunt for.  Versatile enough to be worn with a sleeveless top and sandals in the summer, or a chunky cable-knit sweater and tights in the fall… it’s a garment that you never fail to see when you are out now.  The “button front” idea existing in not just denim skirts, but corduroy and suede, is a small blast-from-the-past that existed in the 1970’s that has made its way back into trendy boutiques all over.


So next time you’re sitting with your friends cracking up at the outfits that you wore when you were in middle school remember every tiny detail of, wondering why your mother ever let you step out of the house wearing it, know that there is a slight chance that those gauchos you would’ve “died” without purchasing may be the next thing. I mean come on, we’re seeing it happen with the chokers now, what’s next?

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