it’s the little things

it’s been so long since i’ve posted and i feel so bad about that!  so much has happened since i wrote on here last.  pretty much the highlight of my entire life occurred- my friends and i started the night at the justin bieber concert in the last row of the entire venue…and ended it in the PIT.  we came across an angel sent from heaven who was a part of justin’s “crew” who was giving pit wristbands out to the people who were in the top level of the venue.  i felt like i was being filmed for a sequel to the Never Say Never movie, it was all such a rush!  i was never that girl that always got lucky and won random drawings or anything like that… but wow, was i happy that i had gotten my chance of being lucky!


i also celebrated my nineteenth birthday last week!  one thing that it made me realize was just how easy it is to make someone’s day.  having such a great day made me want to make everyone else’s special day the best day they have had, simply because of all the people that helped make my day that great.  i have such a large appreciation for birthdays now… which is probably (actually, definitely) inspired by my roommate, who celebrates birthdays like they’re a national holiday.  which i now find no shame in!

i started the day with my favorite meal, breakfast, at a cute hole-in-the-wall cafe downtown.  my parents sent me the sweetest, most thoughtful gifts… including those incredible cookies down below!  i could stare at them all day they’re so intricately designed!  then that afternoon, my best people surprised me with an afternoon at Paint the Town with unlimited cookies and cake.  i couldn’t have imagined a better way to spend my birthday afternoon. then that weekend, me and my best friends all went downtown that night! it made me happiest that all my favorite people could all be in one place, at one time, all enjoying each other’s company. now, i can’t wait to celebrate the rest of their birthdays with them!

after celebrating my birthday with fun surprises and doing my absolute favorite things, i truly started to realize how happy little things about yesterday made me.  my aunt emailed me a rhyming birthday message that made me smile.  old friends that i had lost touch with would reach out with sweet messages.  people who i’d walk by on my way to class, who i would assume have no reason to even know that it was my birthday, would wish me a happy birthday.  simple things like that made me focus on how much little things mean to me and how much they effect my day.

it is so incredibly common for me to be distraught by little things that “ruin” my day, which i am totally not proud of.  there is a part of me that can get very irritable, very fast.  whenever i have a day that’s not the total best, i blame on the little things that added up.  having small things that didn’t necessarily go my way during the day gives me an excuse to combine them all together, then act like it was just a terrible event that totally killed my day.  i never realized how often i do this.

i obviously realize that something as small as my favorite pen running out of ink is incredibly irrelevant.  so, obviously that is something that is immature to be upset about.  but, it becomes easy for me to throw that small event in with anything else that didn’t go my way that day, and consider it a bad day.

why don’t i do this for the things that do go my way?

instead of focusing on the negative aspects of a day and dwelling on those, it’s important to think about my day, focus on the good things, and consider it a great day. i know i am not the only one who focuses on the bad things, but it’s something that i need to change about myself for sure.  think about the smallest things that can put you in a good mood.  for me, the weather always makes or breaks my day.  that, or if the dining hall is serving my favorite food that day for breakfast.  or if my hair just decided to cooperate with me as i was getting ready in the morning (it’s rare, but when it happens, it’s monumental).  imagine how amazing our days would be if we combined all these small, good things about our day and called it the best day.

it is tough because there’s a billion definitions of someone’s “best day”.  i hate when it rains, but someone could absolutely love the days when it pours.  what i enjoy is not the same thing as what someone else enjoys.  what i have recently been doing is paying ultimate attention to myself and how i react to different things.  if i get in a good mood when a song comes on my spotify shuffle, i save that song immediately (then replay it a trillion times until i am exhausted of it).  if i take a detour on my way to class and end up loving where i’m walking, i will continue to go that route until find myself taking another detour (just to spice things up).  most importantly, when someone reaches out to me asking to go get dinner with them at some random dining hall, i pay attention to how appreciated i feel just from that simple gesture and return that favor to anyone else.

this appreciation is motivation to help everyone else feel this way as well.  which is tough to follow through with, because like anybody else, i get in bad moods.  but, knowing that feeling i have when someone makes me feel loved wants me to spread that to any/everybody else.

here’s to the last week of my freshman year! to say i’m sad it’s ending is an incredible understatement… i don’t want to think of not getting to live with my roommates or not eat dining hall food! it flew by way faster than i thought possible. buuuut on the bright side….. summer is so soon!!!

with love jenna copy




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