oh, mid-term season is upon us and it is hitting hard. four tests in two consecutive days next week… talk about excitement! (and if that’s not sarcasm, than i am not quite sure what is)

amidst spending hours on hours studying, taking notes, reading textbooks, and occasionally getting distracted from anything that is school-related, and scrolling 58 weeks back in my mom’s friend from high school’s daughter’s best friend’s instagram account (that happened…slight chance I’m going crazy), i have definitely come to the small, yet vital conclusion…. sometimes, you just have to treat yo self.  bonus, it doesn’t always have to be something sugar-related!  but it definitely is logical for it to be.  because an Andy’s frozen custard run is always a good idea. always.

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it’s easy to get so caught up in thinking about everything that you need to get done, that you forget about thinking about all of the things that you should get done.  there’s a fine line between the two.  it happens pretty often that i get roped in and so focused on whatever i am studying, that i completely overlook the fact that i had been sitting in the same place, staring amy computer screen, and aimlessly typing for 2 hours.  that is the moment i realize that i need to do something for my own benefit, just because a little self-love really doesn’t hurt anyone.

there are so many things that make me happy and make my day go better… even the smallest things give me that extra motivation to keep going.  a couple of them being so simple, like toasted ravioli day on Mizzou’s campus (it’s a thing, i promise), or getting a package in the mail, or even hearing a song that you used to love that you totally forgot about when you’re listening to your spotify playlist on shuffle.

it’s important to realize these things that turn your mood around because they’re different for everyone.  and it’s vital to add a little positivity to a seemingly dull day.  especially in this time of hectic chaos.  everyone’s small “boosters” vary, but some of these things can be mutually beneficial for anyone.

1. play catch-up: i find myself overwhelmed with the idea that i need to be caught up with every second of all of my friends’ lives from home.  whether it be a fun night they had, a hard test they have coming up, or what they have planned for the upcoming weekends/spring break, i want to know it all.  it’s difficult to stay up-to-date with not just your life, but the lives of everyone else too.  especially when you don’t live there.

however, a quick phone call, text, or even snapchat to them always makes me feel like i’m doing something good.  no matter how quick the interaction, knowing someone is thinking about you/misses you is the coolest feeling.  ultimately, i wish to return that feeling to others.  call your friend from home and tell them everything that’s going on!  it’s much more exciting to explain the tiniest details to someone then to someone who already knows what you’re going to say.

2. retail therapy: they’re not kidding when they call it therapy.  it doesn’t have to be a huge, extravagant purchase that results in making you cry when you see you have negative dollars in your bank account.  even if it’s a quirky pair of socks that you have no reason to buy except for the fact they’re weird, go for it.  buy those sandals you’ve had your eyes on for weeks when you find yourself online shopping in the middle of class (it happens).

3. exercise: this is a tough one, simply because the hardest part about working out is having the motivation to get up and go work out. but once you cross that bridge, it is the most fulfilling and beneficial way to clear your head.  make a killer running playlist, turn on your favorite TV show on the treadmill (i swear by it, i get so caught up in keeping up with the kardashians that i don’t even realize I’m multi-tasking), and forget about any problems that may be clouding up your mind.  my favorite time to go to the gym is either super early in the morning, or super late at night.  it’s much more quiet and peaceful, and i have the opportunity to try a ton of new weight machines that i prefer not to try in front of a huge group of people, all standing in line waiting for me to finish embarrassing myself.  and, working out in the morning makes my day go so much better.  you would think that getting up earlier would make you more tired in the long run, but it sets such a positive vibe for the rest of the day.  plus, there are few things better than post-workout showers before you go to class.

also, back to retail therapy, buy yourself a new workout outfit and you’ll be 10x more motivated to work out.  you can find my new favorite leggings here, and they’re only $24-old navy is the total best.

4. pamper yourself: i don’t know about anyone else, but i feel like a brand new person whenever i leave the nail salon.  go get a manicure, a spray tan, or even get your hair done. it will make your day so much better, knowing you look (somewhat) put together!  below is my new hair cut because it is true that change is really, really good.  anyone in the NWA area- check out Melissa at Dead Swanky!  she was the total best!


5. breathe: it’s a given, but something that is often overlooked.  shut the computer, close your books, take a walk, grab some of your favorite candy to munch on and recoup.  it’s easy to get overwhelmed with everything going on, especially in this time of semester where everyone in college is in the middle of tests, misses their family, and just wants to go home.  being able to prioritize your tasks, make a list, and visibly check off as you go always helps me.  i feel like i’m at least getting something done.

it’s tough to not get buried in everything coming at you all at once, and it’s almost too easy to just throw in the towel and give up on all of it… but it makes the journey better if you keep in mind the things that turn your day around for the better.  here’s to counting down the days till Spring Break!

with love jenna copy


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