magic in the making

it’s crazy to think about how i’m only one semester into college, which means i’m one semester closer to the real world. something that’s always in the back of our minds, no matter how badly we try to avoid the thought of being on our own some day. some are pumped for it, some are absolutely dreading it.

i feel like i’m a combination of the both. thinking about being an adult is completely frightening. how does one do that? be an adult? i struggle with figuring out what to eat for breakfast every day. i have to call my parents to ask them the simplest questions like “Am I allowed to dry this dress?”, “How do I fix the printer?”, “Should I wear this or no?” (and i’ll continue to do that for a very, very long time). however, to be able to live in a cute little/apartment, in a city that i love, doing what i love sounds so fun.

something that scares me is that i won’t eventually love what i do after college. and recently, i’ve really learned the importance of studying/majoring in something that you are pumped to learn about. that you wake up excited to start the day. thankfully, i understand that not all jobs/classes are rainbows and puppies and the happiest places in the world. like every other college student, more often than not, i would sometimes much  rather sleep then go to class. and no, i don’t always love every single person i work or have class with, but that’s totally okay. it builds you into someone that makes you more versatile and able to work with all different types of people. the bad will eventually get you to the good.

two of my best friends were my initial inspiration to study something that i was truly passionate about. if i’m fortunate enough to be a student here at Mizzou (or any student at any college), i want to spend my very limited time here doing something i’m happy to do. have you ever heard of that idea of watching someone talk about something they love? they could truly go on for days about anything and everything about that certain topic. it’s the most interesting thing to me. seeing them light up when that specific love they have is brought up in any conversation is so cool. simply seeing those two so excited to study what they’re doing now made me want to have that same excitement they did.


being a freshman, i’m still taking those gen-ed classes that are all required, but i’m also starting to take classes more towards my major. right after i got out of class on the first week of school, i texted my parents telling them how much i was looking forward to the rest of the semester because it all seemed so cool! in one of my TAM classes, we spend the semester working in a group to create an apparel line that’s aimed towards a specific target market and price points. being able to work hands-on with what i’m interested in doing in the future is something that i’ve been looking forward to for so long.

i can’t wait to see what the rest of this semester has in store. the atmosphere on campus is much more different this go around, probably because we all got the hang of what’s going on. last semester i felt like a chicken running around with my head cut off because i truly had no idea what i was even supposed to be doing. everything seems much more natural now, which brings me a sense of comfort… but also sadness. it’s already flying by much faster than i ever thought it would!

with love jenna copy


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