a new holiday


what an incredible way to bring in the new year. i am back from London, in one piece, and slightly thrown off by the 6-hour time change. i could go on and on about how wonderful the trip was and how sacred the memories are to me.  i met the best people and wouldn’t trade our time for the world. i made a video (posted on my Facebook here) that shows a small recap of what i saw when i was abroad!

don’t get me wrong, i had a lot of great days when i was there.  i seemed to think to myself after every time i ate “so far, this is my favorite meal the entire trip”. i had this thought after every single meal… and honestly, i came to the realization that i was just eating some really good food. however, our second to last day, i had a Jenna Day. i love being around all my friends, family, and meeting new people. i could do it all day long. but, there is a part of me that craves being by myself (in relatively small doses).  i typically tend to eat lunch on my own at school because i just enjoy the quiet time that i have… which is probably spent scrolling through my phone, but hey! nothing’s wrong with that. when you live with three other girls, and your days are spent surrounded by classmates, sorority sisters, etc. you forget about how little time you have to yourself!

on this Jenna Day, i was able to do some things that i had been initially looking forward to leading up to the trip. there were cute little restaurants i had stumbled upon on pinterest, little allies and hidden spots throughout the city, and museums that i had my eye on that i had to go to. and this day was nothing short of being the best day.

the morning began by going to Shoreditch, a district on the east end of london that was filled with cute hole-in-the-wall restaurants and markets. originally, we drove through this area on our way to a company visit, and i knew i had to come back before i left to go home. they have art all throughout the streets that i needed to see more of. my friend Sam and I woke up incredibly early so we could see, explore, and have time to fit in the rest of our agenda for the day. after that morning, i came to the conclusion that although it is tough to wake up early, the reward is incredible. it was a quiet, perfect sunday morning that was filled with the best mini-adventures.

while we were walking through Shoreditch, sam and I came to the conclusion that it was time for a donut (because why not!). it being a sunday morning, we slowly discovered that majority of cafes and restaurants are not open, so we continued to walk hoping to walk off the hunger. thank goodness we did! we discovered a quaint market being held that morning, and walked through the never-ending street vendors. we walked by a window and i looked in and saw people eating cereal, which seemed a bit strange… but i looked inside and discovered that it was a restaurant….. for cereal. and if anyone knows me, they know that cereal is probably my favorite food. i felt like a child in there i was so excited! they offer over 120 different cereals and 30 different types of milk. i mean come on. it was a MAJOR highlight from the trip. (follow them on instagram- @cerealkillercafe)

after that wonderful breakfast, i took a detour to see the fashion and textile museum, which made the inner-child come back to life again. the exhibit Liberty in Fashion was occurring when i visited, and history of the british-based company focused on different color, florals, and patterns that i loved having the opportunity of seeing. it was even better to be able to walk around and admire the exhibit at my own pace. i was able to read different excerpts about the fashion at whatever speed i wished, without being waited on.

the rest of the day was then spent exploring! i was able to see Neal’s Yard, a color-filled alley in covent garden that i could’ve hung out in all day. i window shopped along Regent Street and ended the day with the best sushi with my friends. i am extremely happy i was able to take the time out of the trip to see some places on my own time. it made me realize just how important Jenna Days really are!

now, i have three days at home until i make the trek back to Columbia again. the anticipation for this upcoming semester is so real. i can’t wait to be reunited with my favorite people so soon!

with love jenna copy

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