what is up 2016?!

caught myself writing 2014 for the date on a paper near the end of semester…how is it already 2016?! something about this new year is particularly exciting to me. I don’t know, 2016 just has a nice ring to it. maybe because it’s an even number? (I’m really weird about odd numbers…. not quite sure why) whatever the case, I am really looking forward to this year and what it has to bring.  the amount of change I saw in myself that has occurred between now and this time last year is incredible.

I grew into a person that I am becoming more proud of. I’m starting to become much more aware of how my actions influence others, and realizing that has a huge impact in how I try to carry myself. this opened my eyes when you have a roommates and you are truly around them 24/7. it seems that in Room 407, there seems to be an underlying rule of “No bad moods allowed”. I’ve come to realize that this rule has an major impact because ultimately, my bad mood will give my roommates a bad mood. have you ever realized how quickly your attitude spreads to others? if you’re feeling gloomy, negative, or just stressed out of your mind… it influences someone else’s day. this could possibly because me and my roommates are all so close, so if one of us is sad, we will all be sad. no matter what. when I begin to think about it in that way, I don’t want to be a downer if it makes them feel down too? if I carry myself in a more optimistic, uplifting way… it makes others feel better. I don’t want to be the one responsible for ruining someone else’s day.

(by the way…these are the roommates, these girls seriously rock)

I stepped out of my comfort zone, despite being 100% ready and confident in myself and how I would handle the idea of “change”. however, something that sticks out to me most about this is that I can never be fully prepared for what is to come. obviously, the biggest change for me this year was leaving “home” for a new “home”. sure, I packed everything I belonged. which is no lie either, we took 2 SUV’s packed to the roof of  never-ending boxes of clothes and just stuff. but, no matter how organized my to-do lists were leading up to that day, I still wasn’t ready. i truly didn’t know what I was getting myself into. but…having a sense of relief with the idea that I will never be fully prepared for what there is to come makes me feel so much better about the uncertainty of my future.

I never get a sense of inspiration at the beginning of the year. there never is this overwhelming feeling of motivation to make resolutions and start over. the beginning of the new year always just seems like another day. and… if I wanted so bad to alter my habits, I should start that on my own time. not wait until a specific, special day.  but… why not share some things that have been on my mind that i’m slowly trying to focus on?  you could say these are resolutions…but not made because of the fact that it’s a new year.

1. talk to people: sounds really weird for something like this to be a resolution, but I never realized how genuinely important and really freaking cool it is to actually get to know the people you’re surrounded by.  that definitely hit me when I came to school with 35,000+ students.  there’s a new face everywhere I turn. and what’s so great about that is everyone is different. obviously I knew that, but living in the same town my whole life, I never really had to physically try to make friends… I always had a general idea of the people I went to school with and always stuck with that.  being at mizzou, everyone has a story. it’s always different and new and exciting. it is so simple and easy to just start a conversation with the person you’re sitting by in class, because you truly never know what can come from it.

2. drink more water: another resolution that really sounds odd to even be a resolution…I often find myself at the end of the day realizing I had barely drank any water throughout the day, which is kind of a scary thought!  I can definitely tell a difference in my day when I continuously drink water, and the days that I don’t.  I had a Swell water bottle that I loved, it was just too slippery to keep in my backpack and would always fall out. I use a double-insulated Camelback that I have had for the longest time, and the best part about it is that it doesn’t sweat! no more water rings on my desk!

3. travel more: that might be a given, considering I’m across the world right now.  but traveling doesn’t always mean a plane ride away. being in Columbia between two heavily populated cities, St. Louis and Kansas City, there’s always something to do if me and my friends are in the mood for a quick weekend road trip. they’re both roughly an hour away from campus, so the drive isn’t too bad at all either. what I’m beginning to learn from this trip is the importance of traveling to new places and learning more about the area that I’m in. it makes me wish I hadn’t taken advantage of trips I took when I was younger.  i can learn so much culture by walking around a city for the afternoon. the memories that I have from visiting other cities and countries are ones that I will always remember and I really want to focus on that being a priority this year.

4.  live in the moment: I’ve touched on this a couple times already…. but the realization that I have had that is most important to me is; the best memories are made from spontaneous adventures that you never see coming. having this mindset comes down to the smallest details. I always ask Natalie, my roommate, if I should post an instagram even if it’s a bad time of day… because timing is crucial and ultimately dependent on the amount of likes you get (such an issue in our generation 😉 ). I always get the same “go for it!” answer because, honestly… who really cares? I’ve learned to never pass up an Andy’s ice cream run, no matter how late it may be or what tests I have the next day, because they turn into the best car rides that end in me crying laughing. I’ve learned that it’s okay to stay up an extra hour if it means having a killer late night conversation with your best friend. I’ve learned that I am ultimately responsible for making the most out of everyday, and I can’t wait to see what this year brings!

with love jenna copy

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