the adventure of a lifetime

sitting in the Philadelphia airport, snacking on a bag of skittles and still in awe that I am en route to London.  in approx. 26 minutes, I will be boarding a flight to study abroad in London for the duration of my Christmas break!  I will be gone almost three weeks, and during those three weeks I will be taking tours of major landmarks, celebrate New Years Eve, travel to surrounding areas like Manchester, Liverpool, and Birmingham.  I will also go on company tours like Coca Cola and Whitechapel Bell Foundery (so it’s not all fun and games while I’m there😉)

I’m excited for all these new experiences that will come along with this trip. some organized tours and plans, some spontaneous and surprises (which tend to be the best memories).  I’ve never traveled alone before, let alone to across the Atlantic!  I won’t lie, I was a bit anxious as my parents dropped me off at the STL airport.  there were so many “How do I ….” questions running through my head.  but the biggest key advice that has stuck with me thus far into my trip is from my awesome mom- “listen, if dummies can do it… you can do it”.  so true!  people fly on an airplane everyday.  it can’t be too bad.

as my skittle supply is slowly shrinking and the time is ticking away to board my next flight- I can’t help but think about how great of an opportunity this is.  the ability to be able to study abroad this early on in college is exhilarating to me.  how cool is that?!  the words of Coldplay’s “Adventure of a Lifetime” ring true, especially right now, and I can’t wait for these new memories.

with love jenna copy

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