it’s beginning to look a lot like christmas (break)


still trying to wrap my mind around the fact that we will be out of school for an entire month!  it feels like a summer break (especially when its 70 degrees in Bentonville… in december…), and not having to worry about finals/essays/GPA is really throwing me off.  I feel like there has to be some sort of studying that I need to be doing for some final that I have to take.  I remember at the beginning of break how impossible it seemed to make it that long without seeing my friends and being at college, but now that I’ve gotten used to not worrying about anything education-related, it’s nice to be able to relax.

whenever I come home, I always make sure I get everything accomplished before I have to leave again.  there’s always things I wish I could do when I’m in Columbia that I can’t unless i’m in Bentonville.  usually this mental list that I compose consists of specific restaurants to eat at, friends that I need to see, and stores to shop at that Columbia doesn’t have.  for example…forever 21.  not having a forever 21 in Columbia is truly what they mean when they say “you don’t realize how much you love someone until they’re gone”.  overall, the reason I do this is just so I don’t have to have that haunting feeling of missing out on what I could’ve done when I had the time of being home.

one of the bullets on this list of mine was crystal bridges.  it’s been 4 months since I have visited the art museum, and wow I didn’t realize how much I had missed it.  this place is one of the best, most interesting spots in town and I was so lucky to live in the same place that it’s located.  the weather outside today was beautiful so it was the absolute best day to visit.  it’s great because they are consistently rearranging the art work and bringing in new pieces, so it’s something different every time I go.  even if it was the same work, I don’t think I could ever grow tired of going back and looking through the art. 


Crystal Bridges opened 11/11/11 (!!! so cool), and since then Bentonville has absolutely flourished.  our downtown has greatly expanded: filled with new restaurants, boutiques, food trucks, and activities all the time.  there are beautiful walking and biking trails surrounding the museum as well which makes it great if i’m out running or riding my bike.  what’s so cool about being in Bentonville is that the town overall can really appeal to such a wide variety of people.  children all the way up to elder adults are able to enjoy what downtown has to offer and it continues to grow every time I come back and visit.


I am also very intrigued with the wide range of food trucks in downtown Bentonville, they are all so successful/unique and have the best food.  my favorite though is Crepes Paulette– it is my go-to place if my friends or family are ever wondering where to eat.  they have both sweet and savory crepes (my favorite is la garden: egg, fresh baby spinach, pesto, and whole milk mozzarella cheese), and I could really go on and on about how great they are.  they were also voted Best Food Truck Around the State, which has to be a pretty big deal?!  (by the way, check out their menu here)  the crepe truck was definitely at the top of the list of where I needed to eat during break.  I missed out on that over thanksgiving, and obviously it took a pretty serious toll on me considered I had to make it mandatory to go.


it’s weird enough that we have this kind of weather right now, but it’s even weirder to me that it’s already Christmas Eve?!  this break already feels like flying by and it’s just been a week.  i’m super excited for today though because it will consist of a much (much much MUCH)-needed manicure and my favorite Christmas Eve service with my family.  there’s something about Christmas Eve service that just rocks and I’m so excited to go tonight. 

with love jenna copy

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